Genesi 1.100

Metal rear-loading container

The 1,100 litre capacity Genesi rear-loading container is made of pre-galvanised and painted 15/10 quality steel, suitably ribbed to increase its strength, rigidity and service life. The container has a perimeter frame welded to the upper edge of the body to reinforce the perimeter of the load section.

Thanks to its steel construction, the Genesi container is fireproof and resistant to fire and wind. In addition to preventing the spread of fire to other nearby elements, its material and structure allow recovery in the event of fire, reducing the high annual replacement costs.

The Genesi metal rear-loading container means fewer moving parts and more reliability.

Its design has been conceived to facilitate maintenance by reducing the number of components. The simplification of parts, and the reinforced perimeter frame, make the Genesi the lowest maintenance container on the market.


Main features

  • Volume 1,100 litres
  • Long life with low operating costs
  • High strength and dimensional stability
  • Resistance to atmospheric, chemical and acidic agents
  • Minimal and easy maintenance
  • Adaptability to all uses and to all types of waste