Proximity Recycling Point

I-Recycle is a modular, compact and highly versatile proximity recycling point designed to be strategically located in urban areas. I-Recycle accepts up to 20 types of waste, with a total volume of 740 l. Its modular and versatile design allows for integration into a wide variety of urban environments, encouraging the active participation of citizens in the proper management of special waste.

I-Recycle is a compact solution that offers a high level of customisation according to the needs of each neighbourhood. It has a capacity of over 740 litres, with a wide range of combinations: front module for one waste adapted to a 120 litre container, module for several waste, narrow module for one or two types of waste, 2 independent side modules with a total capacity of 100 litres, divided into 10 compartments, or two side modules with advertising panels.

I-Recycle is available in XL, L and S versions.

Main features

  • Modular construction with independent structures.
  • Made of galvanised steel with polyester powder coating
  • 4 bulky compartments for standard 120 l containers (not included)
  • 1 central compartment for 100 l medium-sized waste, with bag holder
  • 5 10 l compartments on the right side for small waste (50 l)
  • 5 10 l compartments on the left side for small waste (50 l)
  • Independent side modules with hinged opening and safety locking system
  • Front doors with ramp for easy loading and unloading of containers