Solar-powered compacting litter garbage

BriteBin™ 120 and 240 l

BriteBin revolutionizes waste management with its innovative design: a garbage can equipped with an intelligent solar-powered compaction system.

Accommodating standard EN 840 120 l and 240 l garbage cans, this solution dramatically increases collection capacity by 500% by offering automatic waste compaction. This efficiency not only optimizes space, but also reduces collection frequency by up to 80%, resulting in significant cost and resource savings.


The highlight of BriteBin is its ability to transmit real-time information through a wireless connection to BriteBin’s cloud-based data analysis and monitoring platform, accessible through a mobile app. This enables precise control and proactive waste management, facilitating informed decisions and rapid intervention when necessary.


With BriteBin, not only do we get an effective solution for waste management, but it also embraces sustainability by harnessing solar energy and reducing the environmental footprint. It’s a perfect combination of smart technology and environmental responsibility, redefining the way the waste problem is addressed.

Main features

  • Pedal integrated in the design of the litter garbage can
  • Body in galvanized steel, finished in primed paint and resistant to salinity
  • Container inside with UNI EN840 standard wheels, 120 liters or 240 liters without lid, included.
  • Door emptying with universal lock.
  • Panel 40W solar with 8 mm thick unbreakable protective polycarbonate cover.
  • Battery storage of min. 75Ah.
  • Press automatic compaction and 1:5 compaction ratio.
  • Fire detection system
  • Ashtray internal standard
  • Sensor fill level indicator with led light
  • Platform and software (sim included)
  • Rotulation custom front end (included)
  • Access FREE to BriteBin App