Pulse 4

Electric vehicle for services

The Pulse 4 is synonymous with maximum versatility. It offers a variety of bodywork options to suit your specific needs, including fixed or tilting open boxes with lifts, open boxes with an irrigation tank, open boxes with high-pressure washer, collection boxes, enclosed boxes, isothermal boxes and more.

The Pulse 4’s lithium batteries are the heart of our vehicle and offer technical and operational advantages. With a capacity of 8.6 to 17.2 kWh, these batteries provide a range of 106 km to 246 km.

The interior of the Pulse 4 has been meticulously designed to offer an ergonomic and comfortable driving experience. It is characterised by a layout that provides a clear view of the road and an uncluttered environment. It features a 5.3″ colour LCD multi-function display that shows essential information such as the speedometer, odometer and battery charge indicator, along with backlit buttons for easy operation.

Main features

  • Lithium batteries up to 17.2 kWh
  • Range from 106 Km to 246 Km
  • Cabin with glass doors and windows
  • Electric heating and air conditioning
  • Different bodyworks: fixed body, tipper, waste…
  • Recharging at a domestic socket
  • Speed 45 km/h or 65 km/h