Leaders in 100% electric street cleaning
machinery and waste collection





Leaders in the sale of 100% electric sweepers and street washers

For over a decade, we have been leaders in the distribution of electric sweepers and street washers, as well as in the design and development of innovative solutions for cleaning, urban disinfection and selective waste collection.


Drago is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence. We are also accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Industry as a certifying body for the national certification of vehicles, trailers, engines and their components, consolidating our position as a leader in the sector.

We are present on mainland Spain and the islands, with an extensive sales and technical service network for all our customers.

We are developing an innovative and eco-efficient business management model, firmly committed to the circular economy and sustainability, because we believe in making a positive and lasting impact on our environment.

With a full range of 100% electric vehicles and urban equipment, we are driving a bold vision for cleaner, more sustainable cities.

Electric sweepers, electric street washers, metal containers, container washers, composting machines and proximity recycling points are some of our products.