100% electric pedestrian sweeper

The MaxWind is the world’s first compact sweeper with electric power supply and drive. Harmonious and ergonomic, it is the ideal solution for mechanised sweeping of pavements, pedestrian areas, car parks and all small and medium-sized surfaces in urban areas.


The DSF(dragging, suction and filtering) sweeping system of the MaxWind compact 100% electric sweeper ensures fast and high quality sweeping in areas that are difficult for high volume sweepers to reach.


The MaxWind’s 8-hour working autonomy (AGM or Lithium batteries) guarantees continuous operation without interruption, making it ideal for cleaning inner-city areas without the need for frequent recharging.


The MaxWind is a quiet, environmentally friendly sweeper with no CO2 and PM10 emissions. Its dimensions, its great manoeuvrability and its drag sweeping system make the MaxWind an ideal sweeper to optimise and improve the image of your cleaning service.

Main features

  • 100% electric sweeper
  • 8-hour working autonomy
  • Drag-suction and filter sweeping
  • Waste tank 110 l
  • Sweeping width 1,250 mm
  • Hourly efficiency 5.000 m2/h