Electric sweeper trolley

I-Next is the latest electric cleaning trolley, with lithium batteries and a range of min 50 Km, it features innovative improvements such as the Dual System 293 litres, which doubles the load volume of conventional trolleys without increasing the dimensions of the trolley.

I-Next features ergonomic improvements that increase user comfort and reduce the risk of injury from prolonged use. In order to increase the storage capacity of the trolley and reduce the number of trips needed to unload waste, the Dual System 293 l (70-litre tipping front bucket + 223-litre rear compartment for storing full bags) has been developed.

The I-Next’s aesthetics stand out for their timeless, urban design, with clean lines and compact styling. I-Next combines functionality and ergonomics with a sleek, modern look.

Main features

  • Lithium batteries 36V – 20.8 Ah
  • Volume 293 l (70 l + 223 l)
  • Drawer used with security key
  • Right side utensil holders
  • Smart controller, accelerator, manual brake and LCD display
  • Made of galvanised steel with polyester powder coating
  • 20″ wheel
  • Dimensions 1454 x 784 x 990 mm