MaxWind Hydro

100% electric pedestrian street washer

The MaxWind Hydro is the first pedestrian street washer with 100% electric drive and propulsion. The MaxWind Hydro is the ideal solution for washing pavements, pedestrian areas, cycle paths, squares and car parks, in short, it has been designed to work in small and medium-sized areas.

The MaxWind Hydro is equipped with two clean water tanks with a total capacity of 210 litres for maximum working autonomy. Thanks to two large openings, the tanks can be filled safely and easily. The machine’s 5-litre disinfectant tank enhances its functionality, allowing sanitising tasks to be carried out when necessary, thus extending its versatility of use.

The MaxWind Hydro electric street washer is equipped with an adjustable 50-100 bar high pressure boom and cleaning lance with automatic 12 m hose reel for precise cleaning and sanitising of less accessible urban areas and street furniture.

The 8-10 hour working autonomy of the MaxWind Hydro (AGM or Lithium batteries) guarantees continuous operation without interruption, making it ideal for cleaning inner city areas without the need for frequent recharging.

Main features

  • 100% electric sweeper
  • 8-10 hour working autonomy
  • Water tank 210 l (105 l x 2)
  • 900 mm Street washing width
  • Directional spray bar
  • High pressure gun 8 l/100 bar
  • 12 metre hose with automatic hose reel