Y series

Automatic composter

Y-Series automatic composters are a sustainable and effective solution to address the reduction of biodegradable waste at source. These machines allow biodegradable waste to be easily transformed into high quality compost, avoiding the need for transport and landfill.

Our Y-series automatic composters can be deployed in private and public areas in order to obtain:

  1. Sustainable management of biodegradable waste.
  2. High quality fertiliser.
  3. Reduction of odours and pests.
  4. Promotion of environmental awareness.
  5. Economic savings

Main features

  • Capacities 100 l – 200 l – 400 l and 500 l
  • Automatic operation
  • Crushing chamber with safety lock
  • Aeration chamber
  • Electricity consumption 3.5 and 4.5 kW
  • Lower fuel and water consumption