About us

At Drago we believe in the viability of the circular economy as an economic model and we develop a business management model seeking  innovation, eco-efficiency and sustainability.      

We focus our activity on the development, marketing and technical assistance of 100% urban 100% electric equipment, with the aim of promoting a positive effect on the ecosystem by reducing CO2 emissions  and the production of waste, and facilitating sustainable environmental solutions for the adaptation to climate change.  

At Drago we want to be leaders in the commercialization of urban electrical equipment, adapting our equipment to the needs of our customers by offering innovative, eco-efficient and sustainable solutions for cleaning, disinfection, collection and treatment of urban waste.    

We are a team of professionals with two decades of experience in the urban environmental services sector, we are committed to the environment and we have models and procedures of good practices that guarantee the highest standards of quality, excellence, ethical commitment and compliance in the development of our work, within a CSR policy sensitive to the environment.

DRAGO Innovation sustainability eco-efficiency
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