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Electric vehicles
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Electric vehicles
Barredora eléctrica

Drago, formed by a team of professionals with two decades experience in the sector of urban environmental services and committed to the environment, positions itself as one of the companies of the sector with the greatest 100% electric and sustainable offer.


Drago, with a wide range of service vehicles and street cleaning machinery provides the greatest variety of cleaning machinery and electric and environmental friendly vehicles of the Spanish market that enable a sustainable urban mobility and service with the aim of reducing the emissions of CO2 and contributing to the decarbonisation of the urban services in small and large population centres. 


Electrical urban sweepers, electric street washers, electric multipurpose vehicles and electric tricycles, are some of the products that the company commercialises in Spain.
Drago has good practices models and procedures that guarantee the highest  standards regarding quality, excellence, ethical commitment and compliance with the development of its task within the environment-sensitive CSR policy.