Electric vehicles


The increasingly widespread environmental awareness of municipalities and citizens, forces companies to offer mobility solutions and sustainable services in public and private areas, with special attention to last generation services.

Electric vehicles are the most ecological and environmentally friendly solution. Thanks to its business and service philosophy based on eco-efficiency and environmental sustainability, Drago offers a wide range of new generation electric vehicles, capable of offering comparable benefits and in certain aspects superior to conventional diesel or gasoline vehicles of the same category.

Disinfection area

Alke Electric Hydro

Municipal area

Alke Crane

Alke electric crane

Alke waste collection vehicle with body lifted up

Alke electric vehicle trailer with classified waste container island

Alke with tilting box from cabin

Alke electric with load lifting platform

Last generation area

Electric alke with closed delivery box

Alke electric with double fridge

Industrial area

Electric alke with open and closed trailers

Tromber vehicle


Electrical Tromber vehicle

Tromber Clean

Tromber Easy-Walk

Tromber Trash