Electric tricycles

The new load tricycles with pedal assistance and supplied by photovoltaic panels for waste collection are the most innovative and environmental friendly tools for street cleaning in large and small urban areas and areas with access restricted for motorised vehicles. 

T- Recycle

T-Recycle is the first an single load tricycle with pedal assistance with photovoltaic panels intended for the collection of waste both in urban areas and areas with restricted access for motorised vehicles. 


Supplied by photovoltaic panels T-Recycle, the most innovative and environmental friendly tool for urban cleaning, can be equipped with a wide variety of accessories for each requirement, such as urban cleaning, collection of dog faeces, etc. Four 120 litre container units and a compacting tool in its wide load container or specific tool to monitor the work in real time are some of its adaptations. 


T-Recycle is technologically versatile and multifunctional, thanks to the use of solar panels, it contributes to definitely reduce the consumption of energy thus reducing contamination and noise. 

Triciclo T-recycle


Technologically versatile and multifunctional. T-Deliver, thanks to the use of its solar panels, contributes to drastically reduce power consumption. 


The photovoltaic panels ensure the total power autonomy to the T-Deliver, they feed the assisted pedal system, which enables an easy use with a speed of up to 20 Km/h, Technologically versatile and multifunctional.


4 AGM Batteries AGM with high charging cycles for an autonomy of 2 days in standard conditions!


On board control panel


The efficiency and operation of the T-deliver is guaranteed and tracked through a on board control panel that enables 5 speed variations and power level adjustments. Designed to satisfy each user’s requirements. 


Power recovery KERS regenerative braking, kinetic power recovery system and battery charge on each braking. In addition, the disk brakes installed on each wheel guarantee a powerful braking capacity. 

Triciclo t-deliver