Electric sweepers

The Tenax sweepers are 100% electric, propelled and operated by state-of-the-art electric motors, without the use of hydraulic components. 


Tenax International has become the world leader in the sector of 100% electric operated and propelled street sweepers, capitalising 35 years experience in developing the worlds first 2 m3 suction sweeper with autonomy of up to 9 hours, work performances comparable to the diesel sweepers, a silent operation, an affordable purchase price and very low energy consumption and maintenance costs. 

Electra 1.0

Patented eco-technological revolution.


A concentration of advanced technology and exclusive solution for a unique street sweeper, that produces zero C02 emissions designed to efficiently meet the most demanding functional, environmental and performance requirements. 


The Tenax Electra 1.0 street sweeper is an innovative working tool designed to mechanise the sweeping activities of areas which can only usually be accessed by the manual operator and to sweep all the highly-sensitive environmental areas, ensuring high cleaning standards and a better work quality for the operators, without an impact on the environment.

The electric traction and the management systems of all the functions, from the steering to the suction, are completely electric (with electronic control) and ensure the maximum performance with a high operation autonomy without contamination, ensuring at the same time a significant reduction of the operation and maintenance costs. 

Barredora electra 1.0

Electra 2.0

The Electra 2.0 Neo is the first compact street sweeper in the world to be fully electrically powered. Harmonious and ergonomic, thanks to its extraordinary performance, to its quietness and compact size, is the ideal solution for cleaning city centres, pedestrian areas, cycle paths and in general both indoor and outdoor small and medium sized environments. Safe and smart, Electra 2.0 NEO is the machine that improves the quality of life for the citizens and for the operator. 

Barredora electra 2.0


The Tenax MaxWind sidewalk sweeper is a newly-designed machine which has forever changed the manner in which to sweep sidewalks, pedestrian areas, parking lots and any small or medium sized environment, both indoor and outdoor.

Essential tool

Tenax MaxWind is, by definition, a efficient sidewalk sweeper. Thanks to its mechanical sweeping, suction and filtering system, it can sweep small and large sized waste, heavy or light, as well as having a unique performance on any type of floor with grass. 


Moreover, Tenax MaxWind is the only sidewalk sweeper that can remove a large amount of dust, with or without water that guarantees a total filtering of the fine dust PM10. The filter is also available in polyester or in HEPA certified material. 


Its incredible sweeping and suction capacity, its agility and highly silent operation make it an unrivalled machine to clean historic centres, pedestrian areas, cycle paths and public parks and gardens. It is the first sweeper that proposes a cleaning solution for private and public companies as well as to cleaning companies dedicated to the sweeping of outdoor areas of supermarkets, shopping centres, hospitals and airports. In addition, thanks to its compact size, with Tenax MaxWind sweeping small areas difficult to access is easy and fast, even in industrial areas and small and medium size logistic areas, both indoor and outdoor. 

Barredora Maxwind